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Thermography Cases

Here are some more samples of equine Digital Thermal Imaging.

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Normal Back

equine lameness
Tail bone injury

equine thermography evaluations
Sacroiliac Inflammation

horse thermography
Normal side view

equine muscle injuries
2 yr. old race horse
muscle tear on rt. hind leg

equine muscle tears
Normal hind legs

equine suspensory injury
Suspensory sprain

equine navicular disease
Navicular Disease
Fractured side bone

lameness diagnosis
Normal side view

equine muscle therapy
Fractured Lateral 
Spinous Process

Acute Laminitis of the front feet

Carpal Chips - chips in the knee may be 6 to sometimes 15 degrees warmer than the opposite knee.

Stifle Injury

Pigeon fever w/ Abscesses in Chest

A hock injury - bone spavin

Acute chips in the left Carpus (knee)

A performance horse / Rope horse with acute inflammation in both stifles

Injury to the back from a saddle with a broken tree

1A-   An injury to the stifle of the left 
hind leg

2A-   An injury to the left stifle

3A-   Left stifle injury

Muscle  injury to the  left hind

Reaction to Vitamin injection

Acute chips - right knee

Trauma from saddle - x-ray showed fracture spinous process

Heal pain - x-ray osteitis of wing of coffin bone  

Mild tendonitis of deep flexor tendon 

Pattern of muscle  injury after cooling the body surface with a cold hose bath

A "bute" shot that missed the vein

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