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Digital Thermal

Laser Surgery

Equine Medicine & Surgery

Shock Wave

Equine Dentistry

Equine Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery

  We have over 30 years experience performing arthroscopic surgery

Laser Surgery

  Using a surgical laser, we are able to decrease the pain and discomfort for your horse as well as significantly speed the healing process.  New surgical procedures are also available including neurectomies, tumor and sarcoid removals, throat surgery and laser assisted surgical arthrodesis (fusion) of hocks for bone spavin.

Throat Surgery

We use the endoscope to diagnose and evaluate numerous nose 
and throat / respiratory problems as well as digestive and 
reproductive problems.  
Many surgical procedures using an endoscope guided laser 
are available such as to repair respiratory problems and to 
remove endometrial cysts in mares.

Equine lameness specialist, including digital thermal imaging (thermography), digital radiography, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, arthroscopic and laser surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, equine denistry and much more.  Located in Albion, Idaho
Tendonitis - left front leg - Joint & Tendons