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Equine lameness specialist, including digital thermal imaging (thermography), digital radiography, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, arthroscopic and laser surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, equine denistry and much more.  Located in Albion, Idaho

We offer on-site management of the mare and neonatal foal services.  The process of bringing your "dream" prospect into the world is exciting, but requires proper planning and management in order to maximize your chances for success.

For breeding evaluations of the mare we provide comprehensive reproductive tract examination via recal palpation and ultrasonography. We offer fresh-cooled artificial insemination of the mare and cycle evaluation for timed pasture or hand breeding. For mares with reduced fertility we offer a variety of diagnostics including speculum examination, uterine cytology and uterine biopsy. Advanced breeding management such as oxytocin administration and uterine lavage are also often utilized to help increase the conception rate of these mares.

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