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Equine lameness specialist, including digital thermal imaging (thermography), digital radiography, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, arthroscopic and laser surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, equine denistry and much more.  Located in Albion, Idaho

The diagnosis of lameness in horses has become a specialty 
with over 30 years experience evaluating problems and solutions 
in performance and pleasure horses.  We enjoy working on race 
horses to roping horses along with  jumping, pleasure and 4-H 
horses.  We believe that unless you diagnose the problem 
accurately you cannot treat it accurately.

We routinely use diagnostic blocks, digital radiography, ultrasound, infrared thermal imaging and other tests to diagnose lameness.

Fetlock Injury
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Digital Thermal Image

Digital x-ray

Advanced Arthritis of right knee
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Weight Bearing Laminitis Developing in Left Foot
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Chip Fragment - Coffin Joint
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Digital x-ray

Digital Thermal Image