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Equine lameness specialist, including digital thermal imaging (thermography), digital radiography, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, arthroscopic and laser surgery, ultrasound, endoscopy, equine denistry and much more.  Located in Albion, Idaho


Thermal imaging uses new advanced infrared technology to detect heat and inflammation.  It is an excellent tool for those tough lameness's and soft tissue injuries.  We have been using thermal imaging since 1988.  At times we may cool the horse or an area with a cold water bath / hose then watch for heat to radiate out from deeper structures. Click on the link below for more information and case studies.

Click here for more information on thermography


Advanced digital radiology equipment can be used to diagnose a mulitude of bone-related abnormalities that result in lameness problems. Common issues range from hock arthritis, coffin bone remodeling, kissing spine lesions to navicular disease. With our state of the art equipment we can determine ideal coffin bone alignment to work with your farrier for corrective shoeing. Click on the link below for more information and case studies.

Click here for more information on radiography


State of the art ultrasonograpy equipment may be used to diagnose lesions in many structures throughout the horse. From tendon and ligament lesions to displaced intestines and lung pathology.


Endoscopy enables visualization of several structures in the horse.  We are equipped with several different sized scopes to complete a variety of procedures.  Some examples of this include evaluation of the upper respiratory tract for coughs and airway noise during exercise.  We can also visualize the stomach for gastric ulcer diagnosis.

Hyperactive, proliferative tonsilar 
tissue in a 2 year old TB

Severe fungal infection (mycosis)
of the guttural pouch

Examination of the stomach
pylorus via gastroscopy

Large uterine cyst via hysteroscopy

Uterine cyst